Vinda 4 Pieces Extra Soft, Ultra Strong Kitchen Paper Towel (2 Ply, 75 Sheets Per Roll)

Rs. 465 Rs. 635

4 Pcs Set , 2 Ply, 75 Sheets/ Roll . Supreme & Ultra Soft, Ultra strong .Made of 100% Virgin Wood Pulp with no fluorescent additives.

USES : Absorbing Excess Oil from Fried Food, Cleaning and Drying Hands , Wiping and Drying Fruits , Dirt-Free After wiping Mirror Surface, Removing Grease on Cooker and Oven, Wiping and Polishing Household Utensil, Drying Pan before Frying to prevent Oil Splash , Cleaning up Spoils for Ease of washing . Dimension Single Roll  23x11x11 CM

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